New Devices in the Business Mobile Industry

If you are in the market for enterprise security and management, you might want to look into Business Mobile Secure. This is one of many mobile enterprise security solutions that is available to business clients who need integrated security solutions to protect their business data. Business Mobile Secure is an on-premise mobile security and management solution available to selected business clients that comes with (a) Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security for small business to help prevent unsecured mobile devices from leaking corporate information, (b) Verizon Mobile Device Management & Enforcement – unified endpoint management to manage corporate mobile devices and protect them from abuse, (c) dedicated managed mobile device deployment to help your employees access the right devices at the right times, and (d) managed connectivity and remote management. With this service you get the following features:

* View all the devices on a map – Manage all the devices associated with your company and keep them secure. You can see by the address, type, or connection status which business mobile applications and hardware are allowing access. With this feature you can limit internet customers to certain groups based on type of connection. Also, if you are concerned about a child staying over a set amount of time, you can set a limit as to how many minutes they can use the internet while on your network.

* Extensive Business 5G Mobile Network Capability – The BlackBerry Storm, Android, iPhone, LG, and Nokia mobiles are supported by many of the leading business apps. These apps provide access to vital business functions. Note20, for example, has the previously announced Work anywhere, anytime apps. With the apps available on these devices, any employee will be able to connect from any terminal at any time.

* Connect with the Business Team around the World – With the mobile devices of BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and Nokia you are able to take your business everywhere you go. With the ability to use apps from your office, you have the chance to meet clients in places they prefer. Additionally, with access to real-time tools like Conferencing, you are able to connect with your team as needed. This feature is especially beneficial in international markets.

* Nationwide 5G Services – Industry experts predict that the next few years will witness continued growth of small businesses in the mobile service sector. In particular, the mobile service business is growing at an unprecedented rate. Many organizations are already providing mobile service to small businesses.

* Connect with the XCelerations Network – If you own a small business mobile device, the xcape fielder series by BlackBerry will help you connect with those who matter in the business mobile device market. The xcape fielder has the capacity to transfer images and files via FTP. This amazing service allows you to make presentations or wireframe work with your equipment. It also includes a browser that is packed with tools that help you conduct business over the web, such as Google maps, local maps, Google search, and much more.

* Connect with Global talent – BlackBerry is home to a large variety of talented professionals who are connected to the internet on a daily basis. With the BlackBerry Stormcard and other BlackBerry mobile phones, you can keep them informed about what is happening in the business world even when they’re on the road. For example, if you are traveling to Latin America, you can get news and other media directly from your business BlackBerry mobile phone. This means that you won’t miss important business meetings or phone conversations that would be important to your team.

* Stay Connected with WiFi Only Networks – More business people are purchasing wifi only phones to cut down on roaming charges while on the road. However, some of these businesses prefer to use wifi networks wherever they go, and they want to be able to stay in touch wherever they are. Fortunately, with wifi only mobile phones, this is possible. You can get a secure connection to wifi anywhere that has a decent signal. Plus, your business documents will be safe on wifi only phones, which is another bonus.

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