Viral Video Shows Racist Woman Going Berserk on Latino Family: ‘Godd*mn W*tbacks!’

A group led by an unidentified woman ambushed a Latino family in a parking lot racist slurs in a video that has since gone viral.

Yolanda Flores had taken her son Ahmed to the Mesa County Health Department in Grand Junction, Colorado for a scheduled physical exam in preparation for the upcoming fall’s high school football season. They had left their German shepherd in the car with the windows rolled down and were ducking outside to check on it when they were surrounded by three women evidently furious about the dog’s treatment.

Yolanda stayed mostly silent during the confrontation, recording it in case they came to physical harm.

“You – your kind. You’re the ones that give brown people a bad name,” the most vocal woman said, pointing towards the health department building and apparently assuming that the Flores family was benefitting from social services. “Just fucking want to get something for nothing. Well, get your ass a job if you don’t have one.”

Yolanda says in Spanish that it is her right to record this confrontation, infuriating the woman even more.

“Speak English, bitch!” she said while snapping her fingers. “This is America! Down with Mexicans that don’t learn the language of the world! Goddamn wetbacks!”

The Flores family took the dog out of the car and headed back towards the building, but they continued to be harassed.

“They started yelling at us,” said 14-year-old Ahmed. “They followed us back to the building.”

Yolanda Flores and her husband Ignacio are legal residents of the United States and have lived in the country for more than 23 years. They do not receive social services.

Yolanda’s daughter Wendy uploaded the video to Facebook in an effort to show other residents of Grand Junction that racism is still infecting their community.

“The worst thing is she talked as if she knew so much about my mother and she had everything wrong,” Wendy said to the Sentinel. “My parents are residents, they pay taxes, and she assumed that just because she speaks Spanish and looks Mexican, she’s a wetback. They judged her without even knowing her.”

Watch the video, embedded below: