RichRich is a independent artist out of charlotte nc moving there from newark new jersey to pursue is dreams in the entertainment industry. with limited connections, richierich has a hustlers spirit so that wouldn’t stop him, investing into him self he started to buy everything he needed to get start to promo himself as a artist with no limitation, recording his own videos, and recording his own records with his own studio, richierich aka kingtutt is surly going places. his intent is to motivate other independent artists to keep grinding, and make a way out of nothing when your dreams are on the line. owning his own clothing line 80s 90s baby clothing to bands himself a artist and what he has to offer. His unique style brings a new swag to the world to better add to the fashion industry. working on his 3rd album 2nd solo album richierich is determine to have to world listening to his music, and following his ways of life, his new single loyalty is a reflection of passed experiences dealing with people in the music industry and friends and family and beat was created by 808gods dope producer. listen follow is page enjoy and watch is up rise in the music dusty