Floyd Mayweather Defends Trump

I just happen to come across this video where Floyd Mayweather is being interviewed by an Urban (i.e. Black) radio station. The interviewers are clearly trying to get Mayweather to bash Trump. However, Mayweather isn’t having it and stuns the radio DJs. Some key points for those who can’t watch:

Floyd on Trump: No one was calling him racists until he ran for President. Up until that time everyone thought he was cool.

Floyd on Self-Reliance: Black people need to stop worrying about everyone else and focus on becoming self-reliant. All the hours spent protesting could be used to start businesses.

Floyd on Grabbing Pootang: Trump talks like a real man. We all say that…

Floyd on Immigrants: I see immigrants all the time talking about how much they hate America. I am like well leave.

I wonder how long it is going to be before the black media and others start calling Floyd a coon, Uncle Tom, sell out, etc for his comments. We all know, if you don’t suck on the teet of black victimhood and liberalism, you will be banished from the black community.

Steve Harvey was crucified for daring to meet with Donald Trump after his election. Here is an interview where he is clearly shook from the reaction within the black community. You better tow the line or be destroyed.